If you have observed yourself in your day-to-day experience of life, you would have noticed this: for different types of consciousness that you experience, or different levels of mental and emotional states that you go through, the body naturally takes certain postures. If you’re happy or peaceful you sit in one way; if you’re unhappy or angry you sit in a different way. This is because for whatever state the consciousness is, the body takes a certain posture.
Conversely is the science of Classical Hatha Yoga.  If you consciously get your body into a certain posture, you can also elevate your consciousness. By changing the way we hold our body, we can change our mental states, whether it is to increase our confidence levels, to better our focus, or to gain insight and clarity over complex situations.
These methods facilitate intuitive qualities such as a heightened perception of mind, an insightful imagination, and an uncommon ability to handle complex problems and turbulent situations. When members of a team are exposed to this inner growth, notable differences can be observed in breaking down interpersonal barriers and creating an awareness of destructive mood patterns. This creates a work situation where individuals become joyous, stress-free, creative, and self-motivated, contributing immensely towards major human resource concerns such as productivity and retention.
Yogam offers corporate programs in different formats depending on the requirement.

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