Awaiting your presence for the upcoming Hatha Yoga  session you have registered for. 
 🕰Please be here 15 minutes before to allow you to settle in before the session begins as some vitals will be checked for Covid symptoms upon entry.
It is important that if you feel any Covid symptoms prior to class please let us know. 
Though we will ensure maximum care and precautions, we cannot guarantee complete protection. 
🍽Maintain 4 hours empty stomach condition. (Full meal atleast 4 hours before the session, if you want a very light snack like apple - 2.5 hours before the session. And beverage 1.5 hours before session) 
🧘🏻‍♀Bring your yoga mat and water bottle
🏠 Venue- Yog Studio Hall, Near Shri Jai Bhawani Mandir, Close to Unnathi tower, Sec 21. Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

For any queries please get in touch at +918097532357 with Madhavi. 
🤗See you soon :)
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